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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wedding Cake Charms

Cake charms can be used for many different reasons. One of the most popular is for cake pulls. What are those? Well, you simply have your baker attach each charm to a length of ribbon and insert them in between the layers of your cake with the ribbon extending out beyond the edge of the cake. Then at the reception you have each of your bridesmaids pull out a charm for good luck

In the Victorian Era, a Bride would place wedding cake charms into the bottom layers of her wedding cake. Each bridesmaid would pull a ribbon from the wedding cake and discover the cake charm dangling from the other end of the ribbon, revealing her fortune.

Today, wedding cake charms are used at the Bridesmaid Luncheons, where each bridesmaid pulls one ribbon from the center of a bundt cake to find her cake charm and reveal her fortune.

The wedding cake charms are also used at the wedding reception before the cake cutting ceremony. The individual cake pulls are nestled in the icing of the bottom layer of the wedding cake and each bridesmaid pulls a ribbon from the cake to reveal her destiny.
However you choose to use them they are a unique and fun surprise sure to add a special touch to your event. Visit for a unique selection.

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  1. This such a great way to share the moment! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! And its a keepsake you can keep and pass down forever.