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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photo Booths Create Forever Memories!

Many people remember the days when instant photo booths were everywhere. From carnivals to stores, movie theaters to sidewalks, those large boxes with the pull curtain and single seat produced strips of candid pictures that were later pinned to bulletin boards or tucked into wallets or scrapbooks. Today, those clever booths have entered the digital age and found a new life adding a fun and memories to wedding receptions.

Photo booths are available to rent from companies and independent entrepreneurs. The booth is brought to the reception and placed at the entrance or positioned in another easily accessible location. During its time of service, guests can use the booth to create a little extra wedding favor keepsake for themselves. And copies of all photos taken become an extraordinary treasure for the bride and groom.

Photo booths are a great way to entertain guests and capture priceless memories at your wedding reception. You'll get great pictures that will give you a cool behind-the-scenes look at your own wedding, or you can use the photos as favors that your guests can take home. You can either rent a photo booth from a rental company, hire a photographer to man one for you, or set up an easy DIY photo booth that your guests can operate themselves.

Fun reminders of a great day with friends and loved ones!

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