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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paper Wedding Cake Toppers!

These wedding cake toppers are handmade from paper- yes, paper! -
By Concarta of Los Angeles. Each one can be custom made for you, with specific flower colors, suit colors, or dress styles. I personally love simplicity of the all-white one, but be sure to visit her shop to see all of the options! How would you look as a couple translated into paper?

Custom paper sculpture cake toppers start at $100. Prices vary according to level of detail and complexity. Wedding dresses can be copied. Skin and hair can be monochrome or made to match a variety of skin and hair colors.

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  1. These are cute....would be a cute idea for those getting married with children...maybe there would be a way to incorporate the kids making one as a Craft project to get them more envolved. Great Table toppers too