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Friday, April 16, 2010

Five Steps to a Greener Wedding

1. Give guests green favors. There are several attractive, unique favors creating lasting memories while reducing your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly favors can be reasonably priced and beautifully packaged. Most favors include complete growing instructions to help your guests create amazing gardens and landscapes. Visit or click on their link on our website.

2. Give guests gifts and favors in eco-gift boxes made of 100% recycled paper.
These gift boxes are made from 100% recycled fibers with a subtle water based stripe design or no finish. Some boxes are available adorned with either an organic color grown cotton/hemp or organic cotton low impact rainbow/hemp cord handle.
Each handle has a recycled glass bead detail. Visit

3. Have an eco-friendly guest book. Beautiful handmade guest books can enhance a wedding reception with their elegance and originality. A double layer of Twisted Limb’s handmade 100% recycled paper held together with a zig zag stitched border create the covers of this simple yet pretty book. A stitched double layered sidebar of handmade paper is wrapped around the left edge for decoration and then the book is bound Japanese style with raffia or ribbon OR bound with raffia and a twig.

4. Present guests with seed place cards. Customize these place cards by printing or writing your guests’ names on them. Add ribbon to match your wedding theme. Here’s another idea - outside the reception area, hang your place cards on a small tree with invisible thread. This creates a fun opportunity for guests to find their names on the place cards. For seed place card ideas visit or click on their link on our website.

5. Place tree centerpieces on tables. Grow your own or visit a local nursery for a 3-4 year old mini-evergreen tree in a decorative pot. What a socially conscious way to support local business and to celebrate the outdoors.

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  1. This is FABU considering our countries new "Go Green" faze! I really like this idea. Adds purity and a positive spin on the power of this day! I can see this one really taking off!