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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Signature Wedding Drinks

Signature drinks – That’s right, come up with your own concoction, preferably something both you and you’re future significant other like or have a bride drink and a groom drink. Hopefully, you pick something that most other people would like too! Give it a fancy name that personalizes it for you. You can post the name and ingredients at each bar.

Check out On their site you can find drinks that match your wedding’s color scheme. They have resources to print labels to make custom stirrers and templates to print custom drink menus! Stirrings sells the mix for all the drinks they mention. You can coordinate with your caterer or banquet hall to order Stirrings mixers.

Idea: Instead of an open bar offer only beer, wine, champagne, and one signature drink that you name and tie into the theme of the wedding.

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