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Friday, May 25, 2012

Inexpensive Summer Wedding Flowers

If you are getting married this summer, it’s time to make the final selections for your flowers (if you haven’t already) and to place your order, if you are DIY’ing your own centerpieces and arrangements.

There are so many beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors and affordable prices, that will compliment your wedding this season.  To help you in your planning, here are some of my favorites…

Dahlia - this flower expresses sentiments of elegance, and symbolizes commitment and a bond that lasts forever. 

 Calla Lily – the white color, specifically, signifies the purity of the bride and groom’s heart.

 Spray Roses - this mini rose carries the same meaning as a larger standard rose, however, the meanings vary by color.  Pink represents happiness, elegance, romance, admiration, sweetness and thank you!

 Orchid - this “paradise” flower symbolizes love, beauty and strength.

 Sunflower - this “flower of summer” represents loyalty and longevity.

Hydrangea - the official 4th anniversary flower symbolizes enduring grace and beauty.

 To keep cost down, stick with flowers that are in-season and try to use the same type of flower(s) in all of your arrangements.  This will allow you or your florist to order in bulk.


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