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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ice Blue Wedding

With winter just around the corner, many brides are wondering how to incorporate a winter theme into their wedding, and not have it feel like a Christmas party.
If you are planning a winter wedding, consider making your color palette a simple combination of silvery ice blue and winter white to reflect the season.

* This white floral bouquet is wrapped with silvery blue ribbon and contains tiny pine cones to go with the winter theme

* These beautiful snowflake bookmarks can double as table decor and guest favors

* The Lucite pedestal and ice blue colored ribbon on this cake add a wintery feel to the confection

* Present each bridesmaid with a beautiful winter white wrap

* Send guests this lovely ice blue and white invitation — Exquisite Invitations

* Consider ordering patterned tablecloths to add texture to your party space

Just because you use Christmas decorations as your centerpiece it doesn’t have to look "Christmassy", they can be used anytime of the year as they are sparkly. Look out for the ones that are plain and match your wedding color and the cheapest time to buy them is straight after Christmas so you can take advantage of the sales.

Be creative, use your imagination and let your brain take control. Before you know it, you'll have come up with all sorts of clever ideas to incorporate into your winter wedding theme!

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