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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Trash the Dress or Not?

You can go on You Tube and see lots of videos of brides getting their photos taken jumping into water, rolling in mud or even setting themselves on fire (!) in order to make sure THE dress is a true one of a kind.

It's becoming quite a world-wide phenomenon. There is even mass trashing of the dresses! A large group dress trashing took place on 10-10-10 and the next one will be held on 11-11-11, of course.

So how do you get great trash the dress pictures if you actually want to keep your wedding dress?

Trash the Dress Tips:

1. A professional cleaning service should be able to restore the dress to brand-new quality so you can do what ever you like with it after the shoot.

2. If you are not sure about trashing your own wedding dress, consider buying a cheap dress off the rack.

3. If you want a bouquet, you can pick up one at a local grocery store or make one from silk flowers bought from the local craft store.

4. Bring some props to add a unique touch and that is exactly what you’re looking for.

5. Wear comfortable and contrasting shoes. And, don't be afraid to break out the “bling” as it really adds to your photos.

6. Not sure what to do? Or are you shy? Search Google images for trash the dress photos and print out the ones you like. Your photographer should also be able to walk you through body placement and facial expressions to help you get creative and loosen up.

7. The sun is NOT your friend! The sun will wash out your photos and makes you squint your eyes like crazy. Schedule for an overcast chance of rain day or later in the day as the sun starts to go down.

8. Bring your improv skills and don't be uptight. This shoot is where you want to have fun and NOT do the norm. Relax, be silly, get dirty, goofy and bring out your personality in these photos.

Have fun!!!

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