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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Green Weddings: Are Your Rings Earth-Friendly and Conflict-Free?

As if buying a diamond wasn't tough enough on your wallet -- there's also your conscience to consider. Though outcry about "blood diamonds" (ones whose trade yields profits for warfare in unsettled regions) and environmentally poor mining practices has led many jewelers to adopt higher standards, it's still smart to do some homework.

Other Alternatives:
Consider wood. Yes, wood! This is for the true green heart. If you still want your piece to sparkle, artist Gustav Reyes' designs include braided silver and eco-friendly diamonds set in a wooden base.

All the material used to make these rings had a previous noble life before their transformation to a new life of beauty. Every ring is handcrafted to bring out the warmth and honesty of the wood. The artist endeavors to maintain the original spirit of any wood that offers itself to evolve into something new such as a wedding ring, anniversary ring or just simply a celebration of nature ring.
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